Iron Working Demonstration with Spike Martin

Saturday 24th September 2022 at The Antoinette Centre, Quex Park 9.30am-4.00pm

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£15.00 per person

Building a ‘Craticula’ Roman Charcoal Stove

This demonstration will be a great opportunity to experience the skills used by a Blacksmith in the Roman era.

We have commissioned blacksmith Spike Martin of the Bearded Pig Forge to build a replica Craticula, a portable Roman charcoal stove, from a detailed drawing of an original, found among the volcanic ash at Pompeii.

Spike will bring his Roman forge to the Antoinette Centre and demonstrate the processes involved in making the components of the stove, giving an insight into how a Roman blacksmith would have fabricated it. Once built, the stove will be used for future workshops on Roman cooking and domestic life in the Hortus Romanus at the Antoinette Centre.

Read more about what a Craticula was and how it was used, on this Tastes of History Blog.

Spike Martin of Bearded Pig Forge

Our expert demonstrator Spike Martin is a skilled Blacksmith with a love of history. His pieces are inspired by the history and the function of the item. Spike enjoys entering the mindset of a smith of the past when making something to be used and loves to make items with a practical purpose. Spike’s solid knowledge of the skills and history of Blacksmithing will help us understand how a Roman smith would have set about making a complicated item like the Craticula and what tools and materials were available. Spike is based at the Bearded Pig Forge and is our neighbor in the Quex Park estate.

Download a PDF poster for the event here.

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