Ceramic Thanet Pottery Learning Pack

The Ceramic Thanet Learning pack is an introduction to pottery analysis for adults and young adults, or younger children with guidance and supervision of an adult.

Pottery learning pack

The learning pack develops observational skills by comparing ceramic sherds of different periods, using visual inspection and tactile qualities, to understand the differences in material. The pack also demonstrates a selection from a time line of ceramic technology from Prehistory to the Late Post-medieval periods.

The learning pack can be purchased for £15.00 + £4.75 postage and packing. It is posted to you in a card posting box, which can be used for storage of the contents of the pack.

Learning about pottery in archaeology

Studying pottery is one of the building blocks of archaeological research. Our learning pack contains all you need to begin learning to examine pottery as an archaeologist would.

Most societies have developed techniques of making ceramics, and pottery vessels are part of the basic tool kits of early cultures.

Pottery sherds help archaeologists to understand how societies change and develop. By looking at pottery we can see how ideas of art, trade and technology were worked into the clay and frozen in time.

Our Ceramic Thanet Pottery Learning pack will help you gain skills in examining ceramic material as a first step on your ceramic learning experience.

Pack contents

Magnifying Loupe

The pottery learning pack contains a booklet with detailed information and instructions on how to use the pack, a magnifying loup for close examination of the pottery and sample sets of pottery sherds.

Pack contents

Three sets of sample pottery sherds are included, each selected and dated for the pack by a ceramic specialist. A Prehistoric to Early Roman set, Medieval to Early post-medieval selection and a bonus general set, with magnifying loupe attached.

The pottery sherds are drawn from material from excavation archives which have been approved for discard after specialist analysis.

Sample sherd sets

The three sets of four sample pottery sherds, each in its own zip lock bag with identification label, are mounted on a labelled card.

Each kit contains a general set of sherds dating to the Early Middle Iron Age (600-300 BC), Middle Roman (150-250 AD), Medieval (1200-1375 AD) and Late Post-Medieval (1750-1900 AD).

General set and loupe

The Medieval to Post-medieval option sherds date to Early Medieval (1075-1200 AD), Medieval (1250-1375 AD), Late Medieval (1375-1450 AD) and Post Medieval (1675-1750 AD).

Medieval to Post Medieval

The Prehistoric to Roman sherds date to Middle Bronze Age (1550-1150 BC), Early Iron Age (900 – 600 BC), Late Iron Age (50 BC to 50 AD) and Early Roman (50 -150 AD).

Prehistoric to Roman

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Ceramic Thanet Pottery Learning Pack